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Out of Body / Near Death Experience

Spontaneous out of body or near death experiences have been reported by many people over the years. Esoterically speaking, what is actually happening is that your “being” is entering a “higher” spiritual reality or world. This video by Anthony Chene documents the stories of several individuals who have encountered such experiences.

The four lower systemic worlds (46–49) are also called planetary worlds. Now we are approaching the worlds of man, which man has to learn to comprehend if he is not to remain ignorant of his own existence, quite apart from existence in general. If he knows nothing about his worlds, he remains the helpless victim of all the idiologies, illusions, and fictions of ignorance in the domains of religion, philosophy, and science. Without this knowledge he is unable to think in accordance with reality. Knowledge of Reality_1

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Astral Travel Literature

There is to be found on the internet much literature under the spurious heading of astral travel or controlled out of body experiences. Or as elaborated by certain occult sects, how to attain objective consciousness in a “higher” material reality. This type of literature relates to the emotional world (48). It is important to grasp the fundamentals of this world because, not only is it intended for a sojourn between incarnations, but also that this world is the domain of the Black Lodge.

As stated on the home page, a good understanding of esoterics is required in order to fully comprehend all the information on this site. Prior to digesting the books listed below, it would be prudent to familiarize yourself with facts about the emotional world so as to avoid any confusion.

Extract from the Knowledge of Life 3_10 - Life Between Incarnations

Of the many books I have examined about “astral travel”, the ones written by Robert Monroe are of particular interest. It is clear from his writings that Mr Monroe had no understanding or comprehension of esoteric/occult knowledge, however, his first book entitled Journeys Out Of The Body does provide an insight into the material reality of the astral, or more properly, the emotional world (48). His analytical approach to his experiences does touch upon certain esoteric facts and demonstrates his increasing awareness of objective material reality in the emotional world during the years 1958-1965.

In his final book, Ultimate Journey published in 1994, Mr Monroe obviously experiences different degrees of density or increased objective consciousness awareness in the emotional world (48:2-7) with what he describes as “H Band Noise” and “M” frequency. He describes and narrates conversations with other beings as well as being advised of the potential encounters with non-human intelligencies that have a sense of superiority because of their ability to manipulate energies in a malevolent manner. A fundamental point to bear in mind when reading his works is that, when he is “out” or more properly, disassociated from his physical body, his causal and mental bodies still embrace and penetrate his emotional body.

Journeys Out Of The Body                                                                                        Ultimate Journey

Emotional World Diagram

World (48)

Robert Monroe

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Children’s Past Lives

Carol Bowman’s book Children’s Past Lives is significant as it contains extensive chronicles of very young children who have spontaneously recited their past life memories to parents. The reverse cover of her book states:

"When a child speaks so innocently and knowingly about living before, and so calmly describes what happens after death and on the journey to rebirth, it is first hand testimony to the truth that our souls never die. These memories present perhaps the best documented evidence yet for reincarnation."

Her journey of discovery and research began when her children’s phobias were linked to a traumatic past life memory and subsequently cured by a skilled therapist. Intrigued by the healing aspect of this procedure, her enquiries led her to the findings of Dr Helen Wambach, Dr Edith Fiore and Dr Roger Woolger which she diligently quotes in her book. The former of these doctors provides statistical evidence of the reality of past life memories.

A significant chapter in her book cites the work of Dr Ian Stevenson who has documented thousands of cases of spontaneous past life memories arising in very young children the world over. His screening methods are described as meticulous and suggest the best scientific evidence yet for proof of reincarnation. Extracts from other books are quoted as well as testimonies from parents.

Whilst Carol Bowman cites the therapeutic techniques of past life regression, she offers no definitive reason or explanation as to why we incarnate, only esoterics can answer that question.

Extract from the Knowledge of Reality 1_1.23  The Individual’s Memories:

Each envelope of the individual has its consciousness, its memory: the subconscious collective consciousness of its different molecules. These memories dissolve with the envelopes. The permanent envelope in the human kingdom, the causal, retains the memory of everything it has experienced since its formation.  

Remembrance anew is the ability to resuscitate the vibrations received or emitted by the envelopes.  

Expressions of consciousness activate the matter of the envelopes. Constant vibrations (habits, tendencies, etc.) retain “permanent atoms” (Sanskrit: skandhas). On the dissolution of the envelopes they enter into the causal envelope and accompany it at reincarnation, constituting the latent fund of experiences (predispositions, talents, etc.).

The primordial atom’s memory is indestructible though latent. In order to remember anew it is necessary to renew the contact with previously experienced reality. Causal selves and higher selves are able to do this in the planetary and cosmic globe memories.

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Incidentally, if you are able to recall a dream or nightmare then you have consciously experienced the objective material reality of the emotional world (48).

Remote Viewing

Eight Martinis Issue 1

After reading the articles in this publication, it is clear that non of the contributors have studied esoterics and are thus ignorant of the fact that “Remote Viewing” relates to the emotional world (world 48), the lower three regions of which are co-extensive with the physical planet (world 49).

However, the article by Lyn Buchanan found on page 14 does state an esoteric truth, thus: “The art and science of remote viewing is one such “discovery”. It is being tauted as a new ability for mankind, but in fact, forms of it have been practiced and handed down through societies since before recorded history.” He also discloses that this faculty of human consciousness was used by the military, himself being a former instructor of such personnel. Ingo Swann, a renowned remote viewer, is also mentioned in this article.

Of passing interest are the examples given of the “Remote Viewing” of past events, the so called reading of the Akashic Records. The John F Kennedy assassination and Jesus of Nazareth are cited.

In her article on ethics in Remote Viewing, Coleen Marenich states “highly driven, focused, unethical people will and can use their controlled remote viewing abilities to pursue their own agenda”

The agenda or more properly, the undertaking of the ultra “elite” occultists of our modern era, who possess objective consciousness in the emotional world (48) and are thus able to remote view and hear simultaneously is disclosed elsewhere on this site.

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Dr Ian Stevenson Presentation

This short half hour long presentation was delivered by Mr Stevenson in January 2002 at the University of Virginia, USA.

He highlights some of his research and presents photographs of his study subjects. Images and diagrams of birth marks from individuals that recall past lives and how they died in previous incarnations are also cited.

He also mentions that past life recollections are not localised but occur on every continent. His research has identified individuals that remember being a different sex in a previous incarnation.