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Freedom Is More Than Just A Seven Letter Word - Veronica: Chapman

Spiritual Economics - Mary Elizabeth: Croft

This ebook explains, in greater detail, the fraudulent nature of banking and is divided into three main sections as follows: 1 What Happened. 2 How It Happened. 3 What Really Happened & What To Do. In essence, it explains that we have all been manipulated into playing a game, the rules of which are heavily rigged in favour of banking interests and is one that we cannot possibly win. Many subjects are addressed and practical advice is offered on how to deal with those, referred to in the book as “black hearts” (soulless people), who would confiscate our health, wealth, rights and freedoms.

For those who are still stuck in the game, the book advises that Contract Law is the only law. There is no Constitutional Law, Bill of Rights, Charter of Rights and Freedoms, no codes, rules, regulations, ordinances, statutes, by-laws, or anything else which most people think of as ‘law’ which applies to free, sovereign people. They all apply only to corporate entities. The only way to win this game is not to play!

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Freedom is More Than Just A Seven Letter Word - Veronica: Chapman

This book follows a similar style as the one found above. However, it cites the word Freeman (a legal term meaning a certain class of “person” who is free of tolls, duties, liabilities etc, the antithesis being serf/slave) first used in the Magna Charter of 1215 and subsequent UK legislation as recent as 1882, which has since been repealed. It’s narrative approach is one of common sense, although it does contain some factual errors, and offers opinions on many subjects.

Appendix B, found in the book, is noteworthy because it affords proof of that fact that ever since 1931, gold backed currency in the UK ceased to exist.

A couple of Acts/Statutes referred to are also included in the download.

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Common Law - Queen’s Bench

Both of the books above mention the Common Law at some length but neither of them explain how to get any case, in which we may become entangled, put before a Jury.

In this video, Karl Lentz explains how to invoke a Common Law court known as Queen’s Bench. (King’s Bench when the monarch is male)

He also informs us of some of the pitfalls to avoid should anyone become involved in litigation.

This information would have been invaluable to myself back in 2011 when I had my brush with the law. However, my circumstances were very extraordinary.

The Marygold By Temple Bar

The Marygold by Temple Bar - F G Hilton Price 1902
Handbook of London Bankers - F G Hilton Price 1891

I have included these two publications for those wishing to understand the origins of banking in modern times. It was Sir Francis Child of the Marygold (now Royal Bank of Scotland) who gave up the goldsmiths trade to become the banker of his era and is styled as the “father of the profession”. The book lists those members of royalty & the nobility who kept accounts with him and cites many examples of early bills and notes made by them.

The Handbook of London Bankers contains an alphabetical list of goldsmiths and bankers dating back to the eleventh century.

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How Money Is Used To Control Us

“Money”, in our modern society everything appears to revolve around it, yet for over 80 years it has been backed by absolutely nothing and is essentially worthless.

Chances are that you haven’t given much thought to the financial system which, in some way or another, we are all embroiled.

This short video clip explains the fraudulent nature of banking and uses the private Federal Reserve Bank in the USA as an example. However, this example can be applied to any bank the world over as the concepts are the same in any country.

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