Extract from the Knowledge of Life 3 by Laurency - Life Between Incarnations

10.5  Life Between Incarnations in the Emotional World

Life between incarnations can be divided into three different periods: life in the emotional world, life in the mental world, and the sleeping state in the causal envelope in the causal world after all the envelopes of incarnation are dissolved.

We leave off envelope upon envelope. Consciousness in lower envelopes cannot ascertain the existence of higher envelopes, and that is why skeptics in the emotional world (recognizing that they were mistaken when denying that there is a life after the physical) stubbornly maintain that the mere fact of an after-life does not prove the continuance of higher life. They must doubt whatever they cannot ascertain themselves. Probably, this skepticism is the outcome of the fact that mankind has in all ages been stuffed with nothing but fictions. In the end, many people refuse to accept anything of which they are not entirely convinced.  

After the individual has been liberated from his physical envelopes, he lives on in the emotional world until his emotional envelope dissolves. The life of the emotional envelope is of different duration depending on the individual’s level of development and his interests. The statistical investigations made by causal selves apparently have not been sufficiently extensive to enable them to fix a highest possible age. The lowest age is none at all and is to be found in the man who in his physical life was not able to direct his attention to anything physical or emotional. The emotional envelope of such a person dissolves immediately. The average age has been given as 25 years, and the highest one ascertained as about 100 years. At any event, there are exceptional cases involving higher ages.  

Our planet’s emotional globe, surrounding and penetrating the physical globe, has a radius of approximately 200 000 kilometres. It consists of six different spheres, corresponding to the different kinds of emotional matter. These are of two principal kinds: primary involvatory matter and secondary involutionary matter. The latter kind of matter is formed on the slightest impulse of consciousness and is largely in a state of constant re-forming.

The lower three regions (48:5-7) are coextensive with the physical matter of the planet, and the pertaining material forms are emotional counterparts of the physical ones, so that the newcomer to these regions may believe that he is still living in the physical world  

In the higher regions (48:2-4), material forms are created by the imagination of those dwelling in the emotional world.

The individual who has recently left the physical world lives in the lower regions to begin with. His objective emotional consciousness seldom extends beyond one molecular kind at a time. According as the different molecular kinds of his emotional envelope dissolve (beginning with the lowest kind), he is automatically moved to ever higher regions. How long he will dwell in the different regions will be determined by the emotional molecular kinds activated by the individual through the emotional life he had in the physical world. The majority of people spend their longest time in regions 48:3-5, seldom below 48:5, and seldom above 48:3.  

Life in the lowest regions is as tumultuous as life in the physical world. Hatred between people finds the same sadistic expressions such as hatred, spiteful remarks, and aggression.

The emotional world is the world of feelings, and feelings intensified a thousandfold, so that you understand why the ancients talked about the lowest regions as hell. Hatred is the only means of expression there. Anyone who refuses to give his attention to these manifestations of hatred, however, will acquire the quality of “invulnerability” (particularly valuable since the desire to take revenge and persecute is weakened in the process).  

In the higher regions of the emotional world, you will find everything mankind has fantasized about at all times. You will experience it with a sense of intensive reality impossible to doubt. Everything is there: heaven with all its content, all people you have learnt about in history are there in lifelike replicas speaking whatever you know or have read about them, all manner of exalted beings. And it is all mere illusion, but impossible to see through.  

Life in the emotional world is the life of illusions affording no possibility of contact with reality. It is impossible to ascertain facts or do any kind of research there. Whatever you know is what you believe you know. Those who gained esoteric knowledge in their physical lives will probably try to teach it to the ignorant. But people refuse to learn, as usual. They are content with the fictions they have once acquired. On the other hand, it seems easier to make people in the higher regions strive to acquire some percentage of the qualities of affection and compassion, so that in new incarnations they will be able to demonstrate those.

It is necessary to particularly emphasize that the emotional world is no world of knowledge, that no knowledge can be obtained from that world, that all so-called knowledge derived from it is some sort of illusion.

In the emotional world, there are many aspirants to discipleship who are eager to help and to teach. They set up groups which newcomers can join. Many people who were teachers of esoterics in their physical lives lecture to those who want to listen to their message.

Generally speaking, the aspirant’s language determines which group he will join, since language is still the means of communication. The more languages you can speak, the more groups you will be able to contact.

There are still relatively few individuals, however, who upon their emancipation from their physical envelopes are able to do some useful work in the emotional and mental worlds: informing, orienting, inspiring people, and doing them good in other ways. Most people are too ignorant of the conditions of such service, and they are disoriented themselves.

By and large, the life of consciousness the individual leads there is determined by what interests he cultivated in his physical life.

Those who in their physical lives took interest in physical things only are of course entirely disoriented in the emotional world. Since their emotional and mental life was concentrated on physical matters and events, they will largely lead a dream life, being unable to understand what is going on around them. Those who have got some prior knowledge of life in the emotional world find it comparatively easy to orient themselves upon arriving there. Of course, those people will lead the richest lives there who cultivated ideal interests, led lives rich in ideas in the physical world.

The broad mass of people, whose thinking dealt with physical matters only, lead a consciousness life in the emotional world that is rather a condition “between sleep and wakefulness”, and are unable to orient themselves. There is no consciousness development for them, unless they can go on learning from those who have more knowledge. Members of the planetary hierarchy advise their disciples to try and help those disoriented people who desire to understand. The disciples are enjoined to direct their attention to mental problems and in so doing to avoid increasing their life span in the emotional world and adding emotional matter to their envelopes by emotional vibrations strengthening these.

This applies to disciples and those who have reached beyond the emotional stage. They derive no profit from anything in the world of illusions, which they regrettably have often believed and been misled.

Suffering in the emotional world is due to unbridled imagination: the keeping of attention on unsatisfied physical desires, imagined terrors created by fear, dependence on the opinions of other people with the ensuing vulnerability. Man can liberate himself from all these things using his purposive will, by refusing to pay attention to them. To sum up: Suffering is due to “wrong identification”.

People’s fear of the “afterlife” is the triumph of satanism, reinforced by the fictions that theologians have manufactured to retain their “power over souls”. There is nothing to fear. All emotional suffering depends on the individual’s own illusions and the vibrations they produce

in his emotional envelope.  

In the emotional world, you can sow good or bad sowings for future incarnations by your consciousness expressions. However, the reaping effect of old sowing manifests itself in physical life only. Therefore, you do not “reap” in the emotional and mental worlds.

The law of attraction has the effect that the individual is attracted to people of similar mentality and emotionality, and so the spirit of collectivity usually strengthens the prejudice they have brought along. “Those who don’t think and feel like us mustn’t play in our court.”

The planetary hierarchy refuses to have anything to do with the emotional world, as if that world quite simply did not exist. This is due to the fact that the emotional world with its elemental matter (involutionary matter) is formed by life-ignorant emotional consciousness and because of that is not regarded as reality but as filled with figments of imagination only.  

Those disciples who have left the physical world and live in the emotional world should help the disoriented. Like all phenomena in the worlds of man, also those occurring in the emotional world are under observation by the planetary hierarchy, in this case by 44-self H., who has disciples in that world who are able to study the attempts at orientation made by spiritualists and occultists. That is quite another story, however, of which I do not know more than this, since I am not in contact with H. or any disciple of his. The fact that the emotional world is of interest to the deva hierarchy and the different law authorities is quite another matter as well. The planetary hierarchy guides consciousness development, nothing else.

When mankind has acquired a knowledge of reality and has reached the mental stage, the forms there are in the emotional world dissolve, and that world will then manifest unformed matter only.