Jewish Encyclopedia Volume 11 p525 states:

Stade: City in the province of Hanover, Prussia. Its Jews are first mentioned in a charter granted them in 1349. In 1613 they received a patent of protection from Johann Friedrich, Archbishop of Bremen; and on Sept. 28, 1615, he threatened that if the Hamburg council imposed a special Jewish safe conduct on his protege and court Jew "Solomon Herscheider, Jewish physician living at Stade," who had hitherto been permitted to conduct business and to trade in Hamburg without taxation, the Portuguese of the latter city would no longer be allowed free passage through his teriitory. In 1618 Solomon, the "protected Jew of Stade," who is doubtless identical with this Solomon Herscheider, was purveyor of silver for, or perhaps joint lessee of, the mint; in 1620, however, he was thrown into prison, apparently on a charge of embezzlement.