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The Nature of Reality

The vast majority of mankind remain wholly ignorant of the true nature of reality. This esoteric truth has been taught to initiates via secret knowledge orders throughout the ages. A decision was made in the late 19th century to make this knowledge available to all and many volumes on the subject have been published, some of which can be found on this site.

The Oxford English Dictionary 2005 definition of esoteric:

The Philosophers Stone

A book by esoterician Henry T Laurency published in 1950 provides a detailed explanation of the meaning of life. (his publishers refused to distribute it once they discovered its content) When you study the subject matter of Laurency’s writings you will ascertain that man, regardless of colour, creed or religion is inextricably linked to man and that mankind is inextricably linked to nature.

In the Knowledge of Reality 1, Laurency reveals the Pythagorean Secret Doctrine in which we discover that although our body is human, our “being” is consciousness, and that the smallest possible firm points of consciousness are primordial atoms which Pythagoras called monads. A quick cross-reference of this word yields the following definition from The Oxford English Dictionary 2005:

Human Aura, The Multi-Dimentional Human Being

As you digest the works of Laurency, it is important to bear in mind that these writings were produced by an advanced mental self in touch with causal consciousness and all that this entails. Ninety eight pdf files are to be found in the download which raises the obvious question, where to begin?

The first heading in the Knowledge of Reality 1 is titled “What Most People Do Not Know” and as such is an appropriate starting point.


Man and Nature - The Proof

There is a very simple procedure or experiment if you prefer, that proves your connection with nature. It is an activity that you can conduct by yourself in the privacy of your own home and should take no more than thirty minutes to perform.

It was back in 2008, when I had only a rudimentary understanding of Esoterics, that I first undertook this experiment. It was a profound experience and now understand that it was governed by the laws of life and nature.

In order to fully appreciate your journey of discovery, I will draw your attention to the following words of wisdom: “It is necessary to approach this topic with a certain naturalness, without tension, emotivity or excessive expectations, and from a scientific perspective based on the observation of new experiences, with a critical sense and an open mind."

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The Hidden History of Humanity

This documentary is an excellent introduction to esoterics.