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The All Seeing Eye and It’s Esoteric Meaning

One rightly asks, why are these images placed under the entertainment section of this website? The answer is simple, they have a very specific meaning to which the general public are wholly ignorant.

The latin inscriptions on the great seal of the United States translate as follows:
Annuit Coeptis:            ‘God’ favours our undertaking
Novus Ordo Seclorum:   New order for the ages

The eye at the top of the pyramid/triangle means that one has attained conscious telepathy via activation of the eyebrow chakra. The key word in that sentence is of course, conscious. It does not take a genius to work out who some of these occultists are who believe that their undertaking is favoured by “God”. You can rest assured however that, although influential, it is not the Rockefellers, nor the Rothchilds, nor are they members of the so called Illuminati about which much claptrap and balderdash has been written.

The all seeing eye, as it is sometimes referred to, is not the sign of some benevolent god. It is the sign of satanism, the sign of the Black Lodge.

Click here for a condensed synopsis of “their undertaking”

In order to have any prospect of a conscious rapport with God, i.e. world 46 and “above”, one must have reached the stage of humanity and be rapidly approaching the stage of ideality whereby causal consciousness is achieved, a process which takes thousands upon thousands of incarnations.


The eye/triangle image and it’s variants is the sign of the Black Lodge. Although visible in society under many guises, it is found predominantly within the music industry, for it is in that industry that its adherents unmask themselves. Some examples of its use are highlighted on this page. Does that mean that all “pop stars” belong to some occult fraternity? Of course not, on the contrary they are more likely to be the victims of satanism.

Below you will find a short clip from a video that was obtained from the internet titled: Exposed, Satanism in the Entertainment Industry. Prior to watching this clip, it is important to gain a firm understanding of what satanism actually is. This extract is taken from the following:

Knowledge of Life_1_8: The Conception of Right

8.9 Satanism

Evil is whatever counteracts unity, development, self-realization. It reaches its extremity in those individuals who have sufficient knowledge of the coarse physical, physical-etheric and emotional “forces” to be able to consciously and systematically control matter in these worlds in order to counteract evolution. They do so by working with and for involution, which for mankind means a return to the barbarian stage. Those satanists are the true rulers of the worlds mentioned. They have seemingly greater power than that collective being which supervises mankind’s evolution. But they are supervised by the collective being of the law of destiny without even suspecting the fact. All their plans and plots are brought to nothing unless they serve the law of reaping. They serve, unbeknownst to themselves, as scavengers, as the agents of bad reaping. Beyond that they can do nothing. Within the bounds of the law of freedom, however, they can mislead and seduce the life-ignorant to be their unconscious servants. In so doing they avail themselves of false promises which meet all the illusions of egoism and entice the unwary to sow bad sowing, which also delays evolution.

What makes the difference between the planetary hierarchy and “the black lodge” is that the white ones use only evolutionary energies and the black ones only involutionary energies. Since also involution is a necessary process of manifestation, the black ones benefit the process of evolution by forcing higher kinds of matter down into lower worlds and molecular kinds. However, this is done involuntarily and by no means with the intention of benefiting but for counteracting evolution. The purpose of the elementals formed out of involutionary matter is to influence the envelopes of evolutionary beings and in so doing worsen the monads’ prospects of controlling these their envelopes, since the formidable elemental energy is stronger than that of the monads before they have acquired the ability to profit by the stronger evolutionary energies there are in the three highest molecular kinds (1-3) of the envelopes. It is in the highest degree unjustified to try to defend the work products of the satanists (the existence of elementals) by calling man’s idea of evil mistaken because the very process of involution is necessary. Again and again the Westerner is astonished at the Indian mentality which can deny the existence of matter as well as evil. Both are real, and evil is a ghastly reality which must in any case be called evil. You help nobody by causing a confusion of concepts. There are other ways in which to establish differences than by making concepts absolute. Any absolutifying is a mistake which we should have left behind us at the higher mental stage with perspective thinking.

All political or religious regimes that prohibit freedom of thought, freedom of expression and freedom of the press are the agents of the “black lodge”. The total life-instinct of mankind is sound but the nations easily let themselves be idiotized, above all if they allow themselves to be dominated by fear, which is the foremost weapon of the satanists.       

How deep-rooted is the fiction of the satanic teaching that “man is born in sin” is clear from the fact that occultists who are informed that also 45-selves marry, doubt this fact. But the organism is a divine product of nature and has its great function in consciousness development. All that is natural is divine. But the satanists have managed to idiotize and brutalize mankind.

One moment’s reflection should have told the occultists that 45-selves must marry in order to ennoble the race and also to offer incarnating 45-selves and still higher selves suitable organisms and suitable families and environments to grow up in.   

“The best with man is the dog.” Or, as Schopenhauer puts it: “The more I come to know men, the more I love dogs.” That is reasonable. The dog has reached as far in the animal kingdom as a man at the verge of the superhuman kingdom. The majority of mankind is still at or near the barbarian stage. But the others have nothing to boast about either. Led astray and idiotized by the satanists we all have through millions of years made unbelievably many mistakes of all kinds. And anyone who thinks that he is free from failings, faults, and vices is likely to have still necessary experiences in this life or in incarnations to come. “We all have our parts in mankind”, and this esoteric axiom says more than moralists are able to grasp. Many who have reached the stage of humanity and thus have the stage of the saint behind them (once and for all have acquired all the qualities of emotional attraction, which are latent in subsequent incarnations) have according to the law of reaping been forced to make mistakes that are incomprehensible to outsiders, insoluble enigmas to their contemporaries and posterity. Those may count themselves fortunate who have not been in need of such experiences. It depends on themselves whether they are to be spared such things in the future.

It may be called one of the constant triumphs of satanism that the black ones almost always succeed in “neutralizing” the spiritual pioneers and frustrating the efforts the planetary hierarchy has intended them to make in the evolution of mankind by mobilizing the moralists with their cynical conventionality to pass moral death sentences on the bringers of light. That too is a factor to consider for those thinkers who study the laws of life and, in this case, the common sowing and reaping of the human collective.


The above text highlighted in bold is of the utmost significance to what you are about to witness, so much so that it should be read again, as the implications are both deeply profound and very disturbing. Pay close attention to the words of Bob Dylan then see the invisible elemental’s effect upon Brittany Spears.

Oxford English Dictionary 2005:

All Seeing Eye Lady GaGa Pyramid Stage Set Kesha_2 Pyramid Stage 2 Kesha Kesha 3 Download Video Pyramid Hand Gesture Alternative Eye Symbol

For a more indepth explanation of elementals click here

The Music Industry Lyrics

As mentioned above, it is more than likely that “pop stars” are the naïve victims of the Black Lodge. If you have read the esoteric essay on this subject you will be in a better position to understand the capabilities and objective of this collective. It is because of mankind’s ignorance of metaphysical reality that the black lodge unmask themselves in the music/entertainment industry. Artists will happily sing lyrics and audiences join them whilst remaining totally oblivious to their actual meaning. Although many instances could be given, two of the most glaring “suggested” examples are cited below:

I’m Every Woman - 1978
Chaka Khan

I'm every woman it's all in me
Anything you want done baby
I'll do it naturally

I'm every woman it's all in me
I can read your thoughts right now
Every one from A to Z

I can cast a spell
Secrets you can't tell
Mix a special brew
Put fire inside of you
Anytime you feel danger or fear
Then instantly I will appear 'cause

I'm every woman it's all in me
Anything you want done baby
I'll do it naturally

I can sense your needs like rain on to the seeds
I can make a rhyme of confusion in your mind
And when it comes down to some good old fashioned love
Then I got it I got it

I'm every woman it's all in me
Anything you want done baby
I'll do it naturally

I'm every woman it's all in me
I can read your thoughts right now
Every one from A to Z

I ain't braggin' 'cause I'm the one
You just ask me and it shall be done
And don't bother to compare

I've got it
I've got it

I'm every woman

The Flood - 2010
Take That

Standing on the edge of forever
At the start of whatever
Shouting love at the world
Back then we were like cavemen
We'd beam at the moon and the stars
Then we forgave them

We will meet you where the lights are
The defenders of the faith we are
When the thunder turns around
They'll run so hard we'll tear the ground away

You know no-one dies
In these love drowned eyes
Through our love drowned eyes
We'll watch you sleep tonight

Although no-one understood
We were holding back the flood
Learning how to dance the rain
We were holding back the flood
They said we've never dance again

Bleeding but none of us leaving
Wash your mouth son
Or you'll find yourself floating home
Here we come now on a dark star
Seeing demons not what we are
Tiny minds and eager hands
Will try to strike but none will land today

There's progress now
Where there once was none
Where there once was none
Then everything came along

Although no-one understood
We were holding back the flood
Learning how to dance the rain
There was more of them than us
Now they'll never dance again.

Although no-one understood
There was more of them than us
Learning how to dance the rain
We were holding back the flood
They said we'd never dance again

Translation: I am the feminine principle of the duality, (The Black Lodge) I can apprehend all your thoughts, (consciousness) as can any being in a “higher” reality, and I can afflict your envelopes at will with any number of varying reaping elementals.

Translation: We are the Atlantean Black Lodge and have entered the Aquarian epoch. We are aware of the immortality of the soul and can dispatch people according to the law of reaping. Mankind is oblivious to our existence. The struggle with the Planetary Hierarchy will/may result in another global catastrophe.

The Matrix


The story is fiction but the theme is real !

Of all the movies that spring out from the film studios of California that depict the fight against good and evil, The Matrix trilogy is of significance for inclusion on this site as it is laden with esoteric symbololgy. Whilst I shall not elucidate the whole movie nor provide a scene by scene commentary I shall provide the following analogy:


The Matrix Screenshot

Approximately half way through the film, as Neo is undergoing his training in the construct Morpheus offers the following:

Morpheus: It's another training program designed to teach you one thing. If you are not one of us, you are one of them.

Neo: What are they?

Morpheus: Sentient programs. They can move in and out of any software still hard wired to their system, that means that anyone we haven't unplugged is potentially an agent, inside the matrix they are everyone and they are no-one.

Translation: The Black Lodge violate the Law of Freedom with impunity via inflicting the envelopes of evolutionary beings who have yet to reach the stage of Humanity with malevolent elementals.


The movies below also portray a deeper esoteric theme.


The Mothman Prophecies They Live The Stepford Wives