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The sum of our problem:

For commerce to work there must be a debtor and a creditor.  An account is created to keep track of the debts and credits. In commerce, the only way one can win is to have more debtors than creditors. This is done by starting a business. We then sell to others, our time and talent. The more people you find with needs the more debtors you have. The problem with this system is that we are forced to be in competition with others who are offering the same time and talent.”

“In order for one to win, the other must lose. The more people I put out of business the better I can support my family. We make our brother a debtor to us by working for the ‘love of money’ instead of the ‘love of service’ and giving our time and talent in love. When we keep accounts – who owes whom – we keep a record of wrongs. Also, to win in commerce we must destroy the competition. Nothing personal, it’s just business.

I hope you find the information on this site useful and hopefully enlightening.

Best regards

Phil Hynes



early 2013, I wrote a short account of actual events that happened to myself over the last few years. I titled this essay the Masonic Secret Revealed, It includes some research into Freemasonry and the hidden esoteric side of life and I uploaded it to various alternative news forums only to have it alienated by the Black Lodge.

I first suspected that all was not right with the world around 2004/5. However, my journey truly began back in 2009 when I underwent a spiritual experience. This occurrence comprised of a huge sensation of energy passing through my body that rooted my feet to the spot, occurring twice in quick succession.

Some months later I experienced another peculiar sensation, this consisted of flashbacks of previous lives (incarnations) and was followed by an overwhelming feeling of intense anger and hatred. (see Energy Medicine p205 for comparison) This feeling only lasted momentarily and I later learned that this experience, described by Charles Leadbeater in one of his books, is known in esoteric terms as Crushing The Serpent.

The idea for this website sprang to mind in late 2014 and roused a particularly intense opposition from those beings who inhabit the emotional world. Fortunately, I have received guidance from those selves in world 46 and “above” who have helped me to navigate an especially turbulent time whilst compiling the site content.

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Bolton, England - January 2011

The first inhabitants of the Isle of Britain were known as the Cynmry (Kymry) whose religion was known as Bardism. The Welsh triads are some of the oldest manuscripts known to originate in the UK, yet so little is known about them.

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The Barddas - Published in 1862 in two volumes

The Heroic Elegies & Other Pieces of Llywarc Hen – Published in 1792

Druidical Remains & Antiquities of the Ancient Britons – Published in 1842

The History of the Religion of Ancient Britain – Published in 1865

The Gnostics & Their Remains - Published in 1864

The Hidden Life In Freemasonry - Published in 1926

Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry vol 1,2 - Published in 1873/8

The Secret Teaching of All Ages - Published in 1928

Sacred Mysteries Among The Maya & The Quiches - Published in 1909

Dogma & Ritual of the History of Magic - Published in 1896