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Introduction to The Explanation

This website is for people with common sense. It contains a lot of information that, although in the public domain, is not widely disseminated. It’s pages offer insight and afford some clarity to those seekers of truth and knowledge who find themselves alienated within an increasingly dysfunctional society.

If you are prepared to take the time to digest the content of each section of this site, not only will you gain an understanding of what you truly are, but also how your perceptions have been, and are continually manipulated.

After many years of research I have reached the Socrotean realisation and after digesting the contents of this website, I am relatively certain that any like minded individuals will come to the same conclusion thus, the information found on the solution page is the only viable way forward to solving humanity’s problems.

The first section of this site is titled Esoterics, it forms the background of knowledge upon which the information contained on other pages is to be compared. In order to fully comprehend the content on this website, at the very least, a good understanding of Esoterics will be required.

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